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Starting ICSE Class 10 Soon? Secret Tips by ICSE Examiners to start your 10th with a bang!

The excitement, thrill and some nervousness of starting ICSE Class 10 is on among many of you and you are probably wondering how to get that top spot in your ICSE Board Exam. Says who it is impossible?

CISCE (the very organization that regulates ICSE curriculum and conducts Board exams) provides an analysis of student’s performance in ICSE Board Exam every year. The report is based on the qualitative analysis of the performance of students in different subjects. When you know what the examiners is looking for in your answer papers, you know it is definitely possible to achieve your goal.

Let’s review the tips by ICSE Board Examiners subject-by-subject, starting with the most common ones such as English, History and Civics, Mathematics, Science and then diving into optional subjects such as Computer Applications, Commercial Studies, Commercial Applications Economics, Economic Applications, and Hindi.

Tips for studying English Language in ICSE Class 10

  • Developing a good vocabulary and implementing them are a must.
  • One should practice more and more assignments to improve writing skills. Candidates should develop an active reading habit and listen to debates or speeches to increase vocabulary and debating skills.
  • Most importantly, while writing argumentative essay candidate must remember for which party is he/she writing i.e. for opposition or support and should avoid writing points from both the sides.

Tips for studying English Literature in ICSE Class 10

  • Candidate must read the question carefully and decipher the meaning of it, before proceeding it is important to make points of the answer that he/she is going to write.
  • Candidate should practice the various type of questions, and answer them in a precise manner.

Tips for studying History and Civics in ICSE Class 10

  • Students must learn important keywords, technical terms, dates, etc.
  • They may try making flow charts or tables for better memorization of the topic.
  • Moreover, in history, it is important to summarize every topic they learn to enhance understanding.
  • The student should also practice previous years questions and write answers based on the format of the question.

Tips for studying Geography in ICSE Class 10

  • Practicing technical terms and topography maps are a must.
  • Students must try to solve as many answers they can based on Survey of India Map Sheets, special stress must be paid on the conventions used in the interpretation of the maps.
  • Students must practice each and every topic mentioned in scope along with last ten years question paper.

Tips for studying Mathematics in ICSE Class 10

  • Reading the questions properly and making the right choice of question performs a vital role in exams.
  • Students must be thorough with the syllabus and should provide particular care to important topics like Arithmetic Progression, Geometric Progression, Trigonometric Identities and Coordinate Geometry.
  • Students should know Basic Approximation, Graph Interpretation and Graph Plotting.
  • As per CISCE, student should always show rough work clearly on the same page of the sum.

Tips for studying Physics in ICSE Class 10

  • Proper attention must be paid in building concept and understanding.
  • Practicing definitions, numerical and principles are important along with previous years question paper.
  • Proper rough work of the numerical is to be shown with the solutions.

Tips for studying Chemistry in ICSE Class 10

  • Students must make notes of important chemical reactions and structures.
  • Proper attention must be devoted to topics like organic chemistry, bonding, metallurgy and methods of preparation of salts.
  • Consequently, Students should practice the important terms, numerical and reactions on a daily basis along with previous years question papers.

Tips for studying Biology in ICSE Class 10

  • Students must devote sufficient time in understanding of concepts.
  • Proper attention must be given to topics like Human Anatomy and Physiology, Cell and Photosynthesis.
  • Students should be capable of interpreting the diagrams and allocate sufficient time in practicing diagrams, biological terms and previous years question papers.

Tips for studying Computer Applications in ICSE Class 10

  • Practicing programs along with terms and definitions are important. The student must understand the programs instead of memorizing it, proper attention is to be paid in practicing programs and eliminating syntax error.
  • Students must be well accustomed with programs like loops, sorting, searching etc. Revising of class IX syllabus is equally important with Class X syllabus.

Tips for studying Commercial Studies in ICSE Class 10

  • Practice writing the technical terms along with suitable examples.
  • Students must read the book thoroughly and try to write answers in a precise manner.
  • Selective study should be prevented.

Tips for studying Commercial Applications in ICSE Class 10

  • Students must practice writing to the point answers along with examples.
  • Students should devote proper attention to reading case study and correlating them with the topics.
  • Moreover, Student should properly use the 15 minutes of their reading time to understand the requirement of the questions and answer accordingly with proper sub-heading and examples.

Tips for studying Economics in ICSE Class 10

  • Students must spend quality time reading the newspaper every day as it will help to remain them up-to-date with the world.
  • They should try to use economic terms in their answers and support answers with suitable examples.
  • Practicing different type of question is a must along with previous years board papers.

Tips for studying Economic Applications in ICSE Class 10

  • Students may use flowcharts, tables, etc for better understanding of the topics.
  • Students must pay proper attention to definitions, examples, graphs and diagrams.
  • While writing in an exam, proper time distribution is very important: Part II of the question paper requires explanation so sufficient time must be allocated for it.

Tips for studying Hindi in ICSE Class 10

  • Analyze the text carefully before answering them.
  • Paying proper attention to character sketches is important.
  • Candidates should write the answers in a precise and brief way including only those points which really matters.

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