Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice” made Easy for ICSE Class 10 Board Exams

icse merchant of venice

Studying the works of William Shakespeare, the world renowned playwright commended and condemned by many, can be a daunting task.  Exam18 presents our latest installment in a series of books specifically aimed at tackling the ICSE Class 10 English syllabus- The Merchant of Venice Review Notes, complete with six essays of varying degrees of complexity. For more details on the contents of the book, please read on.

The book comes with a scene wise summary of the play, presented as pointers, that will help brush up your memory of the plot right before the exam.  Presented in lucid and easy to understand language, the summary can further help keep track of the play in an episodic fashion.

This is followed by a description of all the characters in the play, which helps give some insight into their inner workings. These mini-character sketches provided of the rich and mighty of Venice, the money-lending Jews, the commoners of Belmont and the disguisers that populate the play, helps understand the way the cogs of their brain work, and can aid in our perception of these characters. A description is also available of the many objects referred to in the play that are not in usage in the English lexicon now.

These Review Notes also come with a dozen multiple choice questions from each scene and their solutions. Although not a format that board exam would cover directly, these MCQs can be of benefit in the conception of keywords that are of extreme importance whilst writing short answer questions. A set of 180 Very Short Answer questions (which require single statement answers) are also included in the book, with a set of keywords that could be of assistance in finding their solutions. Another set of 60 short answer questions and their solutions are also provided. To prep yourself, we have also included some essay type questions on the various themes and motifs of the play. The six worksheets (three each in half-time and finals) of varying degrees of complexity (Easy, Intermediate and Hard), will help test you abilities after a good day with this ICSE Merchant of Venice Review Notes for Class 10.

Written by a panel of expert ICSE English Teachers, the book is available in Printed Book (Rs. 499) and Digital Download  (Rs. 249). Click below to read more and get your copy now! Free delivery across India. 

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This post is contributed by Bhavya Viswarajan, Content Publishing Intern at Exam18

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