Complete Revision Notes for ICSE Class 9 Mathematics

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These notes include chapter-wise Important Formulas & Solved Numerical Problems in Mathematics for ICSE Class 9. The notes strictly follows latest ICSE curriculum.


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Complete Revision Notes for ICSE Class 9 Maths

Be more confident and score better in your ICSE Maths exam in Class 9 by reviewing important concepts and solving important problems in all the chapters as per latest ICSE syllabus.

Audience for this book

These notes are recommended for students in ICSE Class 9 who usually score between 45% – 75% in their Maths exam and wishes to increase their marks by 25% – 30%.

Topics included in these notes

  1. Rational and Irrational Numbers
  2. Compound Interest
  3. Expansions
  4. Factorization
  5. Simultaneous Linear Equations
  6. Indices
  7. Logarithms
  8. Triangles
  9. Inequalities
  10. Midpoint Theorem
  11. Pythagoras Theorem
  12. Rectilinear Figures
  13. Construction of Polygons
  14. Circles
  15. Statistics
  16. Mensuration
  17. Trigonometry
  18. Co-ordinate Geometry
  19. Distance Formula

Frequently Asked Questions about ICSE Class 9 Complete Revision Notes for Maths

Are these notes for ICSE Students throughout India?
ICSE curriculum is same for all students across India, so any student currently in ICSE Class 9 can study these notes.

How can I avail this guide?
This revision guide is available in two formats – Printed Book (Physical copy) & Digital Download (PDF).

Should I buy Printed Book or Digital Download format?
Most students find Printed Book format convenient for studying from this physics guide, however, if you need it urgently, you can buy the digital download format and download the PDF file instantly.

Is this book available in bookstores?
This book is exclusively available on You can order here on this website or call us on 07506181854 to place your order.

Can I take print outs of digital download format?
Yes, print outs can be taken.

I’m a Teacher. Can I buy this package and share with my students?
All Exam18 packages are for personal use only. Any commercial distribution or sharing requires authorization from Exam18. Please reach out to our support team for more details.


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  1. Akshita
    5 out of 5


    highly highly recommended notes for maths.

  2. Kamal
    5 out of 5


    this is an excellent book for learning and revising maths icse 9th.

  3. Arjun K.
    5 out of 5

    Arjun K.

    Good sums very well explained by the teacher in this book. Thanks to Author and exam18

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