CBSE Mathematics Practice Question Papers with Solutions for Class 10 Board Exam

CBSE Mathematics Practice Question Papers with Solutions for Class 10 Board Exam

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By Senior Teacher Prasanta Bhattacharyya includes:

  • Set of 10 Practice Question Papers
  • Based on previous years pre-board exams
  • To encourage students to practice and prepare well for the upcoming 2019 Maths board exams.

Practice and learn the best ways to answer! Strongly recommended for year round practice and that PERFECT SCORE in Maths Board Exam. 


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CBSE Mathematics Practice Question Papers with Solutions for Class 10 Board Exam

It’s a well known fact that more you PRACTICE, the closer you get to achieving success in MATHS. CBSE Mathematics Practice Papers with Solutions for Class 10 covers set of 10 Practice Question Papers to give you the required boost in your exam preparations. The package aims at providing you with insights into the examination pattern and the types of questions asked in CBSE Class 10 Maths Board Exam, by picking up questions from previous years pre-board question papers.

The package provides solutions in the simplest ways possible to help you develop interest for mathematics instead of running away from it and in-turn develop the aptitude to solve any kind of maths problem asked in the upcoming 2019 Board Exam.

Suitable for self study, this solution based Maths practice book is devised to give students a head start to their exam preparations and face any kind of test/exam with confidence and score excellent marks.


Set of 10 PRACTICE PAPERS with SOLUTIONS based on previous years’ pre-board question papers

Exclusively available on in both, downloadable and printed book, format. Order right away to start preparing for super success!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this book called package?

Every Exam18 book is called a “package”, because they come packaged with email support from our Author’s team, regular tips and tricks via Email/SMS, study planners and more. If we make any changes to the book before board exam, you will get new edition at no extra cost.

How can I place an order for this package?

This book is exclusively available on You can place an order on this website by clicking on Buy This Now above and enter your details to submit your order. It is a simple 5 – minute process to place an order.

Is the content of Printed Book and Digital Download different?

No, the content is EXACTLY SAME. Only difference is the format.

Is this book available in Bookstores?

This book is exclusively available on You can order here on this website or call us on 07506181854 to place your order.

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It would take 2-7 days for the book to reach you.

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For Printed Book – Credit Card/Debit Card/Internet Banking/NEFT/Cash on delivery

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After you place an order for this book, it will be emailed to you instantly so that you can download it and access it on your Computer. You DO NOT Need a Special Device like iPad, Kindle etc. to access this Book. However, as it is a regular PDF file, it can be opened on any Computer, Laptop, Android Phone, Windows Phone, iPad, BlackBerry, Tablets etc.

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