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ICSE Prelim Papers with Solutions for Class 10 Board Exam Preparations

“Practise makes a man perfect”, we have heard it often from the elders most of the time during our childhood. When you are a student, you are frequently told to revise what you have learned but why is it important if we already have read it once?

It is because the more we practise the more we tend to remember it and the chance of making mistakes minimizes.

Board exam acts as a stepping stone for our glorious future, it decides our career ahead, whether we will be studying science, commerce or arts. Board exam teaches us the importance of punctuality, time management, power of toleration, perseverance and makes us mature. The board exam is just like any other exam with the only difference that this mark can be a game changer in your life, unlike the other normal examinations. A successful accomplishment in board exam takes you to another level in your academics and other prospects.

So, practising for Board Exam is extremely important but the main question is “Is there any book which will help you analyzing how much are you prepared for your Board Exam and help in prepare accordingly?”

The answer to this question is YES, ICSE Prelim Paper Solutions package by Exam18 is one such book which will help you analyze your performance.

Why should we practice with prelim papers of different schools?

Solving ICSE prelim papers is one of the best ways to prepare for your Boards exam since practicing questions from different schools exposes you to the different type of probable questions which may come in the exam and also make you familiar with different question patterns. As per the past ICSE toppers, practicing ICSE prelim papers tremendously helps in memorizing the subject. It also helps in performance analysis so that you can know the strong points and weak points of your preparation. Solving prelim papers help build up confidence.

Where do I get prelim question papers and solutions?

While prelim papers of different schools can be obtained easily, Exam18 has identified five ICSE Schools which has the best prelim papers and they are available in a package with detailed solutions to every question.

  • Bombay Scottish School (Mumbai)
  • Gitanjali Devshala School (Hyderabad)
  • Jasudben M.L. School (Mumbai)
  • Lilavatibai Podar High School (Mumbai)
  • Joseph Convent School (Mumbai)

ICSE prelim paper solution textbook includes Prelim papers from the prelim exam conducted this year with their detailed answers by experienced Senior ICSE teachers. This book is based on the latest ICSE 2020 curriculum.

ICSE prelim paper solution package includes separate books of Prelim papers for each school ,which means they will give you 5 books in this package so that the students can analyze which prelim paper from which school they are able to answer, the type of question they are able to answer and which type of questions they are facing problem with.

Each of the five book contains prelim papers for subjects like English Language, English Literature, Hindi, Mathematics, History & Civics, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Applications, and Commercial Applications.

Overall, the price is quite reasonable as compared to the substances they are providing so purchasing this book is definitely a good option.


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