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Success in ICSE Board Exams

If there’s one thing that every teacher tries to drum into their students, it is that hard work has no shortcuts.

And though we at Exam18 keep bringing you hacks and tips to ease the academic workload, we stand by this age-old adage as much as your mentors. Moreover, we swear by the textbooks just like them. The supplementary study material that provides solutions on your fingertips to all the textbook exercises might seem like a gift from God a night before the exam, but when it comes to understanding the concepts, it won’t go a long way.

Knowing that the answer to a particular question lies waiting for you in the turn of a few pages might be an incredibly comforting feeling. Unfortunately, the truth remains that the board exams were not designed to comfort us. They are meant to test us. Let’s throw ease out of the window for a while. Let’s strive a bit. Explore a bit. With this in mind, we bring you the ICSE Class 10 Prelim Question Papers compilation. This post also addresses the concerns of those of our patrons who seem discouraged by the fact that this set of papers, unlike our other packages, does not come with solutions. 

So read on to find out why this book is so highly recommended amongst our educators.

Without ready made solutions to fall back to, the effort students put into solving the papers would naturally increase. Going back to the textbooks searching for an answer, would also brush up their memory on that specific topic, making them better equipped to answer not just the one question they are hunting the answer for but more. As the number of times you read a particular section of the text increases, it more or less gets etched into your memory, making recollection of details easier. As students increase their efforts to find an answer, they would expand the boundaries of their research- a feat that would be impossible if they know the answer is just a few pages away. Resorting to the textbooks and supplementary materials would seem pointless when the answer can be so effortlessly reached in the turn of a page.

The ICSE Class 10 Prelim Papers is a compilation of the preliminary exam question papers from schools across India, with as many as 20 schools supplying their question papers (the price varies with the number of schools covered). Given the variety of question papers available, this book can help figure out the important concepts from the examination point of view. The relevance of a concept in the exam can be gauged by the frequency with which questions from that section appear in the papers. The recurrence of a concept is an indicator towards the significance of that concept- when this inclusion happens multiple times and by multiple teachers with over 15 years of experience under their belt, this significance also increases.

Available in the print and digital form, the cost of this package varies with the number of schools covered. Question papers from five schools cost Rs. 499 in print Rs. 400 in digital download (PDF) format. Click below for school options and details.

For 2019 Board Exams
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