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English grammar can get confusing at times- perplexing prepositions, complex conjunctions, the Is, the Mes and the Myselfs can become the stuff of nightmares if not properly elucidated. Come exams, and many a time, speech parts and speech types get neglected in the midst of poems and plays. Grammatical errors, however can lead to incoherent answers and by extension, deducted marks. Exam18 is here to help you through this dilemma, with our recent publication- the ICSE English Language Last Step Practice Package for Class 10.

Madhuri Shukla, our veteran writer with over 30 years of teaching experience under her belt, has whipped up an excellent concoction of extensively researched and easily comprehensible English grammar notes and practice sheets in this book, including composition exercises and highly effective tips towards writing the best essays for your ICSE Class 10 Board exam.

The book gradually initiates into the exercises (solutions provided) by introducing, and delving into a systematic treatment, of the concepts beforehand. This methodical treatment can come to your aid while recollecting the specifics of the colossal amount of theories to be mugged during exams. Individual chapters and tasks are dedicated to covering the various parts of speech, active and passive voice, finite and infinite verb forms, rules in the usage of the different types of participles, types of sentences and direct-indirect speech amongst many other things. And the section on reverse vocabulary could be a fun activity to do when looking for a break from the syllabus. Major pointers have been bolded to emphasize their importance, and can to some extent even work as a cue in recalling the point.

The composition section comes with formal and informal letter writing practice in traditional and box-type formats, with three samples of each. According to our patrons, however, the main attraction of this book lies in the tips and tricks provided for compositional writing, that will help mold your writing style. The detailed discussion is bound to help students understand the requirements of an engaging essay. Common mistakes made in write-ups are addressed, with a strict list of things you should never do. This is followed by a mixed set of seven essays- from the descriptive to the argumentative kind. To top it off, a set of proverbs and quotations (the latter compiled under specific themes), figures of speech with examples, and synonyms and antonyms for over a hundred words is provided to help make your essay all the more eloquent.

In conclusion, the ICSE English Language Last Step Practice Package is an aptly named book, for it will help put the final touches on your English grammar study, and make you better equipped for the Board exam. The book is available only on Exam18, at the price of Rs. 249 for digital download and Rs. 499 for the print version. Worth a buy!

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Written by: Madhuri Shukla

This post is contributed by Bhavya Viswarajan, Content Publishing Intern at Exam18