ICSE Class 10 Physics – Sample Papers, Prelim Papers, Revision Notes

ICSE 10th Physics - Sample Papers, Prelim Papers, Revision Notes

ICSE Class 10 Physics – Sample Papers, Prelim Papers, Revision Notes

Many years ago, Newton was sitting under a tree when an apple fell on him. While others of his time would eat the apple, he decided to seek out WHY the apple fell on him.

Physics seeks out answers to the WHY’s of how the world works. But it can be a confusing subject for many, the numerical and give reasoning can often be brain wracking.

But fear not! Exam18 is here to help you prepare them confidently! Exam18 offers a wide range of books that were written according to the ICSE 2019 Syllabus to assist students in excelling in their exams!

Have you ever struggled with writing Physics answers or wrote answers that missed a point or few? Exam18’s ICSE Physics Solved Review Papers for Class 10 by ICSE School Principal Prasanta Bhattacharyya presents variety of questions which will help you ace those exams.

Ever struggled with give reason questions? Exam18’s ICSE Physics Give Reason – Genius ways to Answer for Class 10 contains easy to understand explanations and guidelines to help you write the perfect answers in your Physics paper. The printed version for both books retail for Rs. 499 each and the Digital Download version* retails for Rs. 249.

Have some concepts you don’t understand? Exam18 offers Chapter-wise notes written by subject experts who have a deep understanding of the ICSE curriculum. Chapter wise notes are available for Current Electricity, Electromagnetism, Heat and Sound. All these packages include topic explanations, solved numericals, important questions from previous year’s physics board exams and formula handbook. The Chapter wise notes are priced at Rs. 499 per book for the printed versions and Rs. 400 for the Digital Download* versions.

Each package comes with the book as well as assistance from the Exam18 team who are available 24/7 to ensure you get the best out of the material and to answer any doubts you may have.

Good luck! Reach the heights of success with Exam18.

*The digital download versions are available in PDF format.

Here are some of the premium resources by ICSE Science Teachers to help you master Physics

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