How to Score Well in ICSE English Language

When it comes to writing answers during exams, expressing your knowledge and understanding in the right way is critical. This is one reason why English Language is one of the most important paper and students who realize this go a long way ahead.

Importance of Language

In other words, a language is not just a Subject or Paper which you need to crack during your exams. It is a valuable tool to communicate in a most effective manner and effective communication is the doorway to success.

English Language being a universal language, has its own merits over other subjects. It will help you understand and learn other subjects better. It helps you in expressing your answers in the most desired manner. 

This leads us to believe that language gives you the power to learn and express and the only proven way to score well in ICSE English Language board exam is to gain a hold over the language and how can you do that?

1. Read, Learn and Practice to earn a discount ticket to success

There’s a great saying, “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader”. Read books with themes of your interest and it will help you not only enhance your English skills, but also teach you exciting things. Reading is not just important for acquiring knowledge, it will help you build your vocabulary and make you more expressive. Moreover, the more you practice, the more likely are you to get a hold over the language.

2. Improve your vocabulary

Make it a point to learn ten new words everyday. Use those words in your everyday communications. You must have heard, “Sometimes, one word can make all the difference.

3. Start thinking in English!!

As humans we all have this tendency of thinking over random things. And the best way is to do it in the language we wanna improve upon.

4. Read Newspaper, Articles, Blogs and stay aware of the Current Affairs.

Get in the habit of spending few minutes every day to read newspapers, blogs, articles etc. and stay connected with the happenings around you, as no one can guess what topic would be asked in the Composition and Letter Writing Sections in your board exam.

5. Watch good Children Based English Series and Movies.

This improves your expressions which is the soul of any language. If story writing is your area of interest then this will benefit you 100%. It also helps you broaden your imagination and outlook along with knowledge.

6. Once a week take one random topic and write an essay on it.

As no-one can guess which essay topic would be asked in the final exams, this will help you in clearing up your ideas and improve your writing skills. To ease out your fears of board exams, make sure you have Cracking the English Essays For ICSE Class 10 Board Exams book by your side at all times. This great book is renowned for in-depth practice of essay writing with 40+ Essays/ Compositions to practice on important topics. Also, if you are looking for guidelines on how to effectively craft your essays, check out this great article on Exam18 blog by clicking on the link below:

7. Revise & Practice Grammar as much as you can.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to revise Grammar since it controls the flow of your language to communicate effectively. If you are appearing for ICSE Board Exams in Feb/March 2019, I would strongly recommend you check out the ICSE English Language Last Step Practice for Class 10 Board Exams by Mrs. Madhuri Shukla, a Senior English Teacher with 30+ years of experience preparing students for Board exams.

Lastly, we all agree there are no shortcuts to success, and practice makes a man perfect. So keep up the hard work and equip yourself with resources to practice well. As always, visit at-least once every day to know about latest resources for ICSE Board exam preparations.


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