How to Score Full Marks in ICSE Geography Topographical Maps Section

Why Topographical Maps?

Stated simply, when topography of an area is represented on a flat surface with scale and symbols for quick reference and guidance, it becomes a Topographical Map.

That leads us to wonder how do I interpret these maps and score full marks in this scoring section of ICSE Geography exam? Yes, don’t forget if prepared well this section of ICSE Geography Syllabus can fetch you FULL marks.

Listed below are a few points you should focus on while preparing for the subject:

  1. Understand the basics of Topographical Maps and Mapping. Comprehend basic elements of a Topographical Map.

  2. Study the basic profiles of Survey Maps 45/D7 and 45/D10 covered in the syllabus.

  3. Recognise the common Conventional Signs and Symbols used in Survey Maps.

  4. Get familiar with the ways of Interpreting Topographical Maps – be it finding grid reference, measuring area and distances, determining directions, discovering features and reliefs, inferring settlements, drainage patterns, occupations.

  5. Revise important Topographical definitions, terms and questions.

  6. Last but not the least, PRACTICE by solving as many topo sheets or survey sheets as you can get hold of.

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Other helpful resources for ICSE Board Exam 2019

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