Sheela Venkatramani
Sheela Venkatramani

Sheela Venkatramani

[email protected]

She is a private tutor having more than 15 years of teaching experience who takes classes for students from 8th grade to 12th grade of all boards (ICSE,CBSE,STATE BOARD). Teaching is her passion and all her students have been performing well in boards, which is her source of motivation .

She did her B.A(Hons)maths from Jesus and Mary College,Delhi.

She noticed that many students find it difficult to study from the text book directly. This is especially the case with students in 10th and 12th appearing for boards. With a vast portion, they feel disinterested to study from the textbook.

Her teaching approach includes thorough research, compiling of notes from various textbooks and trying to prepare compact notes and question bank which will be easier for students to refer to. She strictly follows the scope of syllabus while preparing notes, so that students can avoid the tedious task of going through different books.

Mrs Venkatramani strongly believes education should be more of project based learning rather than rote learning and that Examinations in our country are still marks oriented rather than knowledge based. Kids just learn to get marks and undo all the learning immediately after the exam. To fight this fact she has written her book in such a way that the student doesn’t just mug up the syllabus but also understand and retain it forever.

Thus, with her profound knowledge on the subject, and belief system we are proud to have her on board and help our students with well researched, to the point and concise notes written by her.

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