RP Khadanga
RP Khadanga

RP Khadanga

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An Engineer by profession, RP Khadanga is also a parent of former ICSE Students who are now successful Senior Software Engineers in Bangalore. On the request from many parents, he has guided many students in last 20 years who are now engineers and doctors. That experience and the encouragement and co operation of the Exam18 team encouraged him to write for ICSE students, as he felt the absence of suitable books in the market. In addition, he has also written books in Odiya for ICSE 10th and 12th students.

By profession Mr. RP Khadanga is a Mining Engineer who has served in the Uranium Corporation of India Ltd, Jaduguda Uranium Mines. Later, he worked in the Uranium Mines of Bihar for four years. A while later in the Indian Rare Earths Ltd, Chatrapur, Odisha  for another four years. Then for a short period at Boula Chromites Mines of FACOR. He also served as a Training Centre In-Charge At Tata Refractories Mines Of Talabasta in Odisha. Then he diversified his Career to CICON Engineering at Berhampur, Odisha.

Mr. Khadanga is a lifetime member of the All India Mining Engineering Association. Writing is his hobby. His article was even published in All India Mining Engineering Journal as Special Issue once – “Mining Industry Of Orissa-A Paradise For Global Investors”.

He believes students can get maximum benefit by practicing the problems given in these books without having to go to tuition, which will save them a lot of time and money.

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