Madhuri Shukla
Madhuri Shukla

Madhuri Shukla

One of our senior most and profound authors, Mrs. Madhuri Shukla has around 30 years of teaching experience in all the three boards, ICSE, CBSE and UP State Board. However, she has been associated with teaching ICSE and ISC boards for most of that time.

Her academic achievements include B.A. in Hindi Literature, English literature and Sanskrit literature. After which she did her Masters in English Literature. She has special interest in Sufism and Urdu literature and has also written a book named ‘The Principles of Sufism’ in English.

Before retiring she was a school teacher, teaching English Language and Literature. After retiring she started taking private tuitions and writing course books and notes on English Subject.
The only purpose of her teaching and writing has been to enable the students to understand their text and rules of grammar thoroughly, so that they can write correct and good English and not depend on cramming up their answers.

She believes that she is an ordinary English Teacher and does not claim stunning success, yet she believes she has succeeded in making the students understand their subject well and also understand the importance of moral values which enable them to achieve in life not only a good job but also mental peace and contentment.

The best thing we like about her are her thoughts about the Education Industry. She strongly believes the education should not be called an industry, though it is correct in today’s scenario. Like industrialists the owners of private schools and coaching institutes and high officials of Government schools are filling their coiffeurs and parents are financially drained and students’ loss is enormous. They are intellectually drained. Education is the system which enables the students to have thorough knowledge of their subject and social and moral values should be imbibed in their hearts. This is not done in our education industry of today. This is the one thing she wants to change in our education industry so that our future generation may be honest, sincere, disciplined and humane along with having thorough knowledge of their subjects. She urges industrialists to take care of their bread and butter but not to try to have excessive ‘butter’. Yes exceptions are there, but they are very few.

With Exam18 she has written 4 of our bestsellers for ICSE class 10, 1 book for ISC Class 12 and to top it all her special notes on mastering the art of writing essays.

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